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Georgia Legislative REST API (Alpha)

Welcome to the Georgia Legislative REST API (galegis-api, for short). In its current form, galegis-api is in "alpha" state. You should not rely on this service being available at all times or that the information will accurately reflect the information represented on the GGA website at this time. There are probably lots of bugs left to sort out, and if you find any we encourage you to file an issue in our bug tracker.

The purpose of this service is to represent information about the activities of the Georgia General Assembly in a format that's braindead easy to build software against. The current solution offered by the GGA is the use of a WSDL XML-powered service, which is cumbersome to use and doesn't behave exactly like modern software engineers expect remote services to behave. So, we've created an alternative that does.

We eventually plan to provide an interface through which humans can easily browse our database, but for now we're optimizing for other programs, since that was the primary intent from the start. All you need to do to get started is to send a request to one of our endpoints.

Active Endpoints

The following endpoints currently have data in them. (More to come soon.)